What humans have got wrong about cows

One of the dictionary definitions: “Cow (derogative) – a woman, especially a course or unpleasant one.” Why do we use the word ‘cow’ when we want to offend someone? If you hear someone calling a woman ‘silly cow’, make them apologize at once! Cows are very sensitive, intelligent and affectionate creatures! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knzBtZNBk9w 


Elephant as an important cultural icon in Asia

In Asian cultures elephants are admired for their intelligence and good memory. They symbolise wisdom and royal power. There are numerous myths and stories in Asian lore, in which the main characters are elephants. For many centuries, elephants have been accorded superhuman abilities. According to Indian mythology, the gods (deva) and the demons (asura) searched... Continue Reading →

Animals’ Intelligence and IQ Test

Just because humans (HSs) do not know (and cannot imagine) animals' abilities, and always judge them by human standards does not mean animals (nHSs) are of lower intelligence. Intelligence is a relative notion. There are many vague definitions of it that can be summarised as: 'Intelligence is what we measure with intelligence tests'. I'd define... Continue Reading →

And again about animal intelligence

In the beginning of the twentieth century, a retired German mathematics teacher discovered what he thought to be amazing capabilities and human-like intelligence in his horse Hans. Hans seemed to know many facts from different discipline and could answer questions (by tapping his foot an appropriate number of times to indicate the right answer.). The... Continue Reading →

Anthropomorphism and Anthropodenial

Anthropomorphism: the attribution of human behaviour or personality to non-human animals. Some (both scholars and non-scholars) still insist that we shouldn’t anthropomorphise animals because they are inferior to humans in thinking, feeling, communicating, etc., etc. The reasoning for this assumption is often circular: “Consciousness is assumed in advance to be uniquely human, and any suggestion... Continue Reading →

Ants are more ‘human’ than humans can imagine

These tiny insects with tiny brains are among the most extraordinary animals in the world. They are social creatures that live in structurally and socially organised colonies. Ant behaviour is very sophisticated: they have a very complex communication system, social hierarchy and highly developed organisational skills. Ants are engaged in educating their youngsters – not... Continue Reading →

‘Birdbrain’ should be considered a compliment

I’ve always been fascinated with the human language that is so illogical, especially when it uses animals to convey human features. The best illustration of how hopeless HSs are in their ability (disability?) to understand nHSs is their misleading metaphors*, for example: ‘Birdbrain’ is a derogative term to mean a ‘stupid person’. In fact, the... Continue Reading →

Planet-mates: Human and non-human animals

For centuries, humans were looking for extraterrestrial intelligence and failed to see the intelligent creatures sharing the same planet with them – animals. Even now some HSs misunderstand and misjudge animals as dumb living beings without language, acting on instincts and incapable of any meaningful activity. Misconceptions about non-human animals are reflected in the language,... Continue Reading →

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