Why write the book (“Dasha’s Journal”) from the cat’s perspective?

Could it not have worked if it was written from my own perspective? Several reasons: First, as it’s explained in the book, Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin (which I like very much) made me think: ‘Temple Grandin says that it’s her autism that helps her understand animals’ behaviors but what if an animal described... Continue Reading →


“Dasha’s Journal: A Cat Reflects on Life, Catness and Autism”

Just a few weeks old, Dasha the cat found herself in a family with an autistic child. The publication of Temple Grandin's book Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behaviour turned the household into a research laboratory, with the humans observing Dasha's behaviours and the cat experimenting with the 'human guinea pigs'.... Continue Reading →

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