What humans can learn from fish

Let us take catfish, for example. It is one of the most remarkable creatures not only in the animal kingdom but also in the human world. There are many different kinds of catfish, for instance, an electric catfish, a walking catfish, even a talking catfish. Their senses differ from any other creature, because they are... Continue Reading →


What humans can learn from pigeons

Pigeons’ loyalty and reliability as employees are remarkable. They’ve been employed by humans as messengers since ancient times. You could bet that in precision, speed and delivery rate they would easily beat human post services.

What humans can learn from lions

Lions in the wild wouldn’t normally attack people unless they are wounded or otherwise roused. Lion can also become a man-eater when it grows old and cannot chase its usual prey. On the other hand, humans can hunt (and kill) lions for sport – not for food or survival – just for fun. They don’t... Continue Reading →

What humans can learn from giraffes

Isn’t it time we learn from animals? They have a lot to teach us. Take giraffes, for example. Giraffes are very quiet animals. They ‘talk’ to each other with infrasound – at frequencies too low for humans to hear. Only in the wild and in the captivity do they make some noises.  There are no loud... Continue Reading →

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