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We are: T.O. Daria and my cats. This blog is out respite from everyday life, where we share our thought and ideas about the issues we are passionate about: (1) animals, (2) autism, (3) books, and (4) reviews of reviews.


We are ALL animals: ‘human animals and ‘non-human animals’, or Human (or Homo) sapiens (HSs) and non-Human sapience (nHSs). There are both similarities and differences between HSs and nHSs,

BUT a very important point to make is, every creature (both human and non-human) has senses/ cognition/ intelligence for their own world. They have developed abilities necessary for their needs in their environment. (That’s why the results of laboratory experiments should be interpreted with caution; they are not necessarily valid because animals in their natural habitat behave differently from those in artificial environments.) Place a human into the natural environment of an elephant, for example, and then compare the IQs – who will look like an idiot?

The level of development cannot be described in terms of ‘low/high’ or ‘superior/inferior’ as it is tuned to the necessities of each particular species.


It’s simple – autism is part of our live.


We all like books. I like to read and my feline companions to sleep on them. Dasha, the senior cat, prefers manuscripts and proofs, though. What can be better than curling up on A44 sheets, feeling the warmth and softness of the paper? The paper does not make you sink into a hole but holds your body with strength and tenderness at the same time. You wouldn’t understand it if you’ve never experienced it. So to please her, I wrote a book – just to provide her with a comfortable bed for a few months 🙂

We are planning to write book reviews, but the books should be either about animals or autism, or both.

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