Some autistic people have a special connection with animals.

Many autistic individuals are said to have a special connection with animals. This issue has been investigated by Temple Grandin in her co-authored book “Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior”. As people with autism are mostly perceptual thinkers, it is no wonder that some of them can understand the... Continue Reading →


Three brains in one

Temple Grandin devoted a section of her book (“Animals in Translation”) to explaining the evolution, similarities and differences between the brains of animals and humans. She named the section ‘Lizard Brains, Dog Brains, and People Brains’. (I’d prefer to change ‘dog brains’ into ‘cat brains’ in the title, but, well. I’m biased…) Dr Grandin describes... Continue Reading →

Wrong assumptions

A typical stereotype is to compare autistic people with cats and non-autistics with dogs. The assumption is, that unlike dogs, which live in packs and are very social animals, wild, non-domesticated cats are solitary creatures. However, in fact, not all cats avoid humans and other animals. Cats are much more social than many people realise.... Continue Reading →

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