What humans have got wrong about mice

Mice love cheese – Yes, but only when there is nothing else on the offer. They prefer high-sugar diet of grain and fruit. If there is nothing to eat, mice would consume anything – meat, dead bodies, their own tails, and yes, cheese. References: Hanlon, M. & Fryer, J. (2006) ‘Of mice and myths’


Some autistic people have a special connection with animals.

Many autistic individuals are said to have a special connection with animals. This issue has been investigated by Temple Grandin in her co-authored book “Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior”. As people with autism are mostly perceptual thinkers, it is no wonder that some of them can understand the... Continue Reading →

Are animals ‘telepathic’?

Freud defined telepathy as a primitive form of communication made dormant by language; in other words, it is the ability mentally to communicate thoughts, emotions, words or images silently to another person. We can get a better understanding of ‘non-verbal communication proper’, is we study animals’ communication, most of which is non-verbal. They do produce... Continue Reading →

What humans have got wrong about goldfish

Goldfish have a four-second memory: The goldfish not only have a memory span of up to three month but also can tell the time – goldfish can distinguish between morning, afternoon and evening, and are able to learn a routine, for example, to press a lever for food at a particular time.

What humans have got wrong about donkeys

  Donkeys are considered as stubborn and stupid. In reality, donkeys are very clever, loyal and brave – they wouldn’t back down even when confronted by a large animal (e.g., a lion). In the past, in Africa humans employed donkeys to guard cattle.

What humans can learn from fish

Let us take catfish, for example. It is one of the most remarkable creatures not only in the animal kingdom but also in the human world. There are many different kinds of catfish, for instance, an electric catfish, a walking catfish, even a talking catfish. Their senses differ from any other creature, because they are... Continue Reading →

What humans can learn from pigeons

Pigeons’ loyalty and reliability as employees are remarkable. They’ve been employed by humans as messengers since ancient times. You could bet that in precision, speed and delivery rate they would easily beat human post services.

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