Is morality a uniquely human feature or do other animals possess it as well?

There are some scientists who insist that morality is exclusively human and resist the idea that it actually can be shared with other animals. However, more and more researchers (biologists, neuroscientists, ethologists and philosophers) are beginning to consider morality as an adaptive strategy that has evolved in many species. Of course, animal moral behaviour is... Continue Reading →


Some autistic people have a special connection with animals.

Many autistic individuals are said to have a special connection with animals. This issue has been investigated by Temple Grandin in her co-authored book “Animals in Translation: Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior”. As people with autism are mostly perceptual thinkers, it is no wonder that some of them can understand the... Continue Reading →

What humans have got wrong about goldfish

Goldfish have a four-second memory: The goldfish not only have a memory span of up to three month but also can tell the time – goldfish can distinguish between morning, afternoon and evening, and are able to learn a routine, for example, to press a lever for food at a particular time.

Three brains in one

Temple Grandin devoted a section of her book (“Animals in Translation”) to explaining the evolution, similarities and differences between the brains of animals and humans. She named the section ‘Lizard Brains, Dog Brains, and People Brains’. (I’d prefer to change ‘dog brains’ into ‘cat brains’ in the title, but, well. I’m biased…) Dr Grandin describes... Continue Reading →

The same behaviours (displayed by humans and non-humans) but huge differences in causes and consequences

Often humans’ behaviour towards animals is inappropriate, difficult and wrong. These behaviours include (but not limited to): cruelty; killing animals just for fun; using animals for experiments; keeping animals in captivity (sometimes in terrible conditions); making them perform for the crowds and so on. I haven’t included one behaviour that some animals would – eating... Continue Reading →

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