What humans have got wrong about cows

One of the dictionary definitions: “Cow (derogative) – a woman, especially a course or unpleasant one.” Why do we use the word ‘cow’ when we want to offend someone? If you hear someone calling a woman ‘silly cow’, make them apologize at once! Cows are very sensitive, intelligent and affectionate creatures! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knzBtZNBk9w 


Idioms with ‘giraffe’

I couldn’t find English idioms with this wonderful animal but found one in French: the French idiom peigner la giraffe (‘combing the giraffe’) means to waste time on a pointless task. There are two versions of the origin of this French idiom: one is that it relates to Zarafa – the first giraffe on French... Continue Reading →

Elephant communication

Elephants do talk to each other but their ‘language’ is very different. Elephant families coordinate their movements with family members miles away. They could be split up for weeks, and then all meet at the same time at the same place. Perhaps they communicate with each other in a superlow range – by means of... Continue Reading →

Animal Communication

Till recently, some researchers believed that animal communication was ‘mechanical’, and animal languages were primitive, and indeed couldn’t be called languages at all. But hold on a minute. Take cats, for example. Cats communicate differently from humans. And often, their methods of communication are much more effective and successful. Felinologically speaking, using their methods (which... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Hurt Animals?

We share the same planet. It’s time we learn to talk to animals.

Stargazing Futures

If it isn’t bad enough, that we hurt other humans through wars, fighting, emotional abuse and so on, we are even more cruel when it comes to other animals that we share the planet with. But what if we could actually talk to them? What if they could tell us how wrong we are to hurt them?

To learn more about this incredible ability to really connect with animals, please visit Anna’s website. http://animalspirit.org/

We need to become better partners with our animal friends. We share the Earth. We do not have dominion over all animals… that is a fallacy created by man for man. We are abusers of our role on this planet and it is time that we changed!

There is a wonderful one-hour presentation on Youtube given by Anna Breytenbach at Findorn in 2013… a recommended watch and Anna has many other Youtube videos you can enjoy…

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What humans have got wrong about lions

Descriptions of the lion, like “the king of the jungle” and “the king of the beasts” are well known, but, in fact, they are misleading and, actually, wrong. Lion is the king of the jungle, or is it? The lion’s habitat is the savannah, not the jungle. The majority of lions (the African lions) live... Continue Reading →

‘Birdbrain’ should be considered a compliment

I’ve always been fascinated with the human language that is so illogical, especially when it uses animals to convey human features. The best illustration of how hopeless HSs are in their ability (disability?) to understand nHSs is their misleading metaphors*, for example: ‘Birdbrain’ is a derogative term to mean a ‘stupid person’. In fact, the... Continue Reading →

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