Animal Communication

Till recently, some researchers believed that animal communication was ‘mechanical’, and animal languages were primitive, and indeed couldn’t be called languages at all. But hold on a minute. Take cats, for example. Cats communicate differently from humans. And often, their methods of communication are much more effective and successful. Felinologically speaking, using their methods (which... Continue Reading →

Dasha meows in Hungarian as well

I’ve never thought that meowing in a foreign language changes your appearance 🙂 When I received the cover for my book in Hungarian I should have been offended as Dasha had been replaced with an imposter (or she’d been under plastic surgery), but how can you not like this Hungarian Dasha? She’s so cute, isn’t... Continue Reading →

Anthropomorphism and Anthropodenial

Anthropomorphism: the attribution of human behaviour or personality to non-human animals. Some (both scholars and non-scholars) still insist that we shouldn’t anthropomorphise animals because they are inferior to humans in thinking, feeling, communicating, etc., etc. The reasoning for this assumption is often circular: “Consciousness is assumed in advance to be uniquely human, and any suggestion... Continue Reading →

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