2021 – a Year of the Ox

Friday, the 12th of February is the first day of the Chinese year of the Metal Ox. It is the second animal symbol in the 12 Chinese Animal System. In Chinese tradition, Ox is a symbol for endurance, fortitude and stamina, so ‘Ox people’ (those who have an Ox symbol in their Chinese birth chart)... Continue Reading →

A New Addition to the Family: Meet Mus’ka

I wrote about a remarkable woman and her furry family (4 dogs and 15 cats) here. And this is an update to that story. On 26 September Elena Lavrova and her 4 dogs were returning from their daily walk when they saw a frightened and helpless kitten not far from their block of flats. The... Continue Reading →

Empathy in autism (and alleged lack of it)

Autistic people are said to be (severely) impaired in their ability to empathise with other people which is reflected in the ‘mind-blindness theory’ of autism (Baron-Cohen, Leslie, Frith 1985; Frith 2003). However, it is an overgeneralisation to claim that individuals with ASD have a ‘deficit in empathy’. There are different types of empathy: sensory empathy, emotional... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Experiences

Since the earliest times many a wise person has undergone a spiritual quest, exploring different paths to comprehend the seen and unseen worlds and find the spiritual meaning of their lives. Those who were not satisfied with what their immediate sensory experiences provided turned to different means to look at the world beyond our limited... Continue Reading →

Who domesticated whom? [Wolves & humans]

It seems obvious that humans domesticated animals. For example, it was believed that about 14,000 years ago humans turned wolves into dogs. However, in her book ‘Animals in Translation’, Temple Grandin quotes recent anthropological research studies which indicate that humans began to associate with wild wolves much earlier – “wolves and people were together at... Continue Reading →

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