Hares vs. Rabbits

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, (in some cultures) the Year of the Cat [1], and in others – the Year of the Hare. Hares and rabbits look remarkably alike. However, they are not the same animals.

More about ‘psychic’ abilities of animals (and some humans):

Continuing the theme of the previous blog, let us look at what is known as premonition as a version of the sixth sense because it also involves detecting something that is likely to happen. In many cases, there is a very natural explanation to it. (In others, we may just not have discovered it yet.) For example, we are not surprised that many living organisms are able to predict changes

Are animals telepathic?

Most of animals’ communication is not-verbal. They do produce sounds or ‘words’ but only to warn about danger, to attract a mate, frighten an enemy, or when in pain. Those who live with humans communicate ‘verbally’ only when addressing their owners (or shall I say – their roommates?), for example, a cat asking us to... Continue Reading →

2023 – the Year of the Rabbit

Sunday, the 22nd of January is the first day of the Chinese year of the Water Rabbit. It is the fourth animal symbol in the Chinese Animal System. In Chinese tradition, Rabbit is a symbol for wisdom, skill, ambition, humanity and secrets; so ‘Rabbit people’ (those who have a Rabbit symbol in their Chinese birth... Continue Reading →

2023 – the Year of the Cat

Cat is the fourth sign in Vietnamese Zodiac, taking place of the Rabbit in Chinese zodiac. The Vietnamese year of the Cat symbolises kindness, tenderness and gentleness. Like the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit (celebrated by most Asia), the year of the Cat (celebrated in Vietnam) begins on the 22nd of January 2023 and lasts until the 9th of February 2024. Vietnamese New Year is also called Tet. The national public holiday (the biggest and longest holiday in Vietnam) lasts for 6 days – from Tet Eve

Robins: Cuties or aggressive fighters? It depends.

Animalism Blog

Robin is a festive symbol depicted on many Christmas cards, representing sweet, gentle and peaceful creatures. In reality, robins are natural born fighters who defend their territory from their mates with ruthless determination.

Thus, the same bird would behave differently, depending on whether they are at home or away. In its own domain, the robin fights any trespassing bird, while trespassing itself, the bird avoids any confrontation and gets out as soon as possible. (Or we can interpret it as respect for ownership of someone else’s home 🙂 )

References: Tudge, C. (2008) Consider the Birds: Who They Are and What They Do. Allen Lane.

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Idioms with ‘ants’

Ants are among the most extraordinary animals in the world – they are more ‘human’ than humans can imagine. Strangely enough, there are very few ‘ant idioms’ – in modern human languages. What is even more intriguing, ‘ant idioms’ in different languages emphasise opposite sides of “antness”. For example: English idioms with ants have an... Continue Reading →

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