Why isn’t the tiger the ‘King of the Jungle’?

The tiger is the largest cat among all big cats. However, traditionally, it’s the lion who is thought to be the king of the jungle. The question is – why? Let’s compare these two majestic cats: 1) Size: The tiger is bigger than the lion Tiger – 1 / Lion – 0 2) Strength: The... Continue Reading →

Lions or tigers? Two in One

As lions and tigers are so closely related, they can be cross-bred in zoos – to create ligers and tigons who possess, in different proportions, characteristics of both parents and are larger than either of them. Ligers Ligers are offspring of a lion and a tigress. Thanks to their parents, ligers are the largest cats... Continue Reading →

Tiger – the biggest cat in the world

Tiger is the largest (and the strongest!) of the wild cat family. And these are not the only advantageous features of this majestic creature. With the largest brain compared to other cats, tigers are the most intelligent of all the big cats. They have a very good memory that is times better than other animals, including humans. ..

2022 – a Year of the Tiger

Tuesday, the 1st of February 2022 is the first day of the Chinese year of the Water Tiger. It is the third animal symbol of the 12 Chinese Animal System. In the Chinese tradition, Tiger is a symbol for caution, valiance, optimism, attraction and ambition; so ‘Tiger people’ (those who have a Tiger animal symbol in their Chinese birth chart) are careful, graceful, powerful, enthusiastic, friendly and attractive. However, they can be easily angered, have difficulties taking advice, or challenging with authority.

Self-identity: Are we who we think we are?

All people have identities, i.e., individual characteristics that make us different from others. According to the English dictionaries: identity is the individual characteristics by which a person or thing is recognized, or information that proves who a person is (e.g., name and date of birth), or the reputation, characteristics, etc. of a person or organization... Continue Reading →

What humans can learn from octopuses

What humans can learn from octopuses In coordination and motor skills, octopuses are second to none Even four-limbed acrobats and jugglers look like clumsy toddlers in comparison with eight-limbed octopuses – who are able to do eight ‘manual’ jobs simultaneously. Humans should work on their motor and coordination skills to become more efficient at their jobs and at home. Warning: Do not attempt to repeat the tricks using more than two limbs simultaneously or you’ll tie yourself in knots. If you can’t change the (multi-species) environment you live in, change yourself to survive and thrive in it

Octopus – a different model of intelligence

Octopus – a different model of intelligence The octopus is the most intelligent of all invertebrates and one of the most intelligent among other animals. Nine brains? The octopus head contains a very large brain. Relative to the body weight, the brain of an octopus is the biggest of all invertebrates and is similar to that of other intelligent animals. The octopus nervous system contains 500mln neurons (about as many as that of a dog) but unlike the nervous system of mammals, the majority of an octopus’s neurons lie outside the central brain...

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