What humans have got wrong about sharks

Another misleading metaphor that uses animals to convey human features is Shark – to describe a person who unscrupulously exploits or swindles others. And vice versa – sometimes white sharks, for example, are compared to human serial killers. And yes, white sharks pick their targets in a focused and calculated manner similar to that used... Continue Reading →


What humans can learn from cats

Among other things, our feline friends can teach us how to establish successful communication with other species. Instead of imposing your own language (and assuming that others must understand it), humans should make an attempt to find out the system that can be understood by their communicative partners. Cats are born linguists and highly skilled... Continue Reading →

What humans can learn from dolphins

Dolphins can speak ‘foreign languages’, e.g., ‘whalsh’ – language spoken by whales. (Of course, dolphins can be seen as just small, toothed whales and their languages are similar, but still, unlike humans, they do bother learn different dialects and ‘sea tongues’ to communicate with their neighbours. The story of Moko, the dolphin, who led the... Continue Reading →

I love books

Like Dasha, I love books. Actually, I’m obsessed with reading (and writing) – whenever I have time I read. It happens everywhere: on the bus, on the train, at home, in the hotel… My favourite books are about animals and about autism, or better still about both animals and autism. The reasons for my preferences... Continue Reading →

War elephants and… war pigs

The war elephant was an ancient battlefield weapon – trained and guided by humans for combat. A division of war elephants is known as elephantry. Their main use was to intimidate the enemy, stampeding through and breaking troop formations. To fight against India and other nations who used war elephants, the Romans and the Greek... Continue Reading →

One of Dasha’s ‘Research Essays’

Human 'environment is built to the specifications and limitations of a normal human perceptual system' (Grandin & Johnson) that may be not very suitable for autistic HSs. What's to be done? Some very one-sided humans would say, 'They [autistics] are in a minority. Let them adjust to our world.' Some 'other-sided' humans would cry out,... Continue Reading →

‘Birds and bees’

It’s hard to believe now (when the government’s approved the sexual education for 5-year-olds) that there were times when parents and teachers were embarrassed even to mention the words ‘sex’, ‘sexual intercourse’ and ‘reproduction’. As usual, humans turned to animals to ‘take the blame’ for something they were mortified to admit – as if they... Continue Reading →

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