Wrong assumptions

A typical stereotype is to compare autistic people with cats and non-autistics with dogs. The assumption is, that unlike dogs, which live in packs and are very social animals, wild, non-domesticated cats are solitary creatures. However, in fact, not all cats avoid humans and other animals. Cats are much more social than many people realise.... Continue Reading →


The same behaviours (displayed by humans and non-humans) but huge differences in causes and consequences

Often humans’ behaviour towards animals is inappropriate, difficult and wrong. These behaviours include (but not limited to): cruelty; killing animals just for fun; using animals for experiments; keeping animals in captivity (sometimes in terrible conditions); making them perform for the crowds and so on. I haven’t included one behaviour that some animals would – eating... Continue Reading →

Lion, a majestic animal

Though it’s misleading, it’s no wonder that the lion has earned the title of the King/Lord of the Beasts/of the Jungle in many cultures. No other animal looks more fearsome, courageous and majestic – a luxurious mane of hair around the heads make them look even bigger than they are, and… royal. However, it is... Continue Reading →

Elephant as an important cultural icon in Asia

In Asian cultures elephants are admired for their intelligence and good memory. They symbolise wisdom and royal power. There are numerous myths and stories in Asian lore, in which the main characters are elephants. For many centuries, elephants have been accorded superhuman abilities. According to Indian mythology, the gods (deva) and the demons (asura) searched... Continue Reading →

Worship and ill-treatment are not far apart

In Asia white elephants are worshiped; according to the legend, they are the descendants of the winged elephants that many centuries ago were flying above the Earth, and are seen as avatars of the Buddha. However, this worship can result in negative effects for the elephant. For example, Pra Baron Nakkot, a white elephant, was... Continue Reading →

Elephant communication

Elephants do talk to each other but their ‘language’ is very different. Elephant families coordinate their movements with family members miles away. They could be split up for weeks, and then all meet at the same time at the same place. Perhaps they communicate with each other in a superlow range – by means of... Continue Reading →

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