What humans have got wrong about elephants

One of the meanings of the adjective elephantine is ‘clumsy’. However, whatever elephants are they are NOT clumsy’. The elephant can move stealthily; it walks on the tip of its toes; its toes are spread flat and takes most of its weight. Thanks to the soft tissues on their feet that serve as cushion pads, elephants can move over the roughest ground almost silently. Despite of their great size, and the trembling ground they can create when a herd of elephants run, wrecking and trampling everything on their path, the word ‘clumsy’ is not the one to describe these magnificent animals.

There are claims that elephants have four knees. However, what looks like the elephant’s front knees are, in fact, its wrists. The front legs/arms have a shoulder blade, upper arm bone, elbow joint, lower arm bone, and wrist/hand bones. Like every other four limbed vertebrate. The basic construction of an elephant’s limbs is the same as for a dog, or cat, or human.


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  1. Really annoys when people think riding elephants on holiday is OK. It is not. I recently visited a charity event where they presents and showed of bird of prey. I refused to watch. That must be so stressful for these often quiet solitary animals x

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